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Indians prefer arranged marriages over other options to get into matrimony. Parents and relatives choose the life partner for their child in an arranged marriage. While searching for the right match, they keep in mind different factors for girls and boys. This is a hard tradition for Indians to break. In the 21st century, Indians still prefer to marry the boy/girl chosen by their families rather than choosing their own life partners. 

The Taj Group of Hotels conducted a survey to reveal these statistics. A survey conducted by IPSOS in 2013 revealed that 74% Indians aged 18-35 said they would prefer to let their parents choose their partners than making the decision. These arranged marriages have higher success rates than love marriages. This may be a sign that following traditions and listening to your parents can still be cool.

According to Ratan Studio Photography, the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Lucknow, pre wedding shoot strengthens the bond of love between couple. So in case of Arrange Marriage couple need some time to spend with each other by which they can understand their nature. Pre wedding shoot provide you enough time to spend with each other. You get so many romantic poses and love situation in which you always love to live.

Ratan Studio Photography, the best pre wedding photographer in Lucknow, is very versatile, and is extremely talented, creative and fulfill their projects with plenty of unique ideas for wedding and pre wedding shoots.

History of Arrange Marriage:

Vedic weddings were performed in a variety of ways. Although arranged marriages are preferred, consent was always taken into account. Parents arranged a Swayamvar for royal families. This was a ceremony in which suitable matches from across the country were invited. The suitors were required to show their worth to the girl or to choose the girl by giving him a flower garland. Elopements and love marriages are quite common. Elopement is a common way for a couple to get married.

Around 500 BC, the Vedic Hindu culture was responsible for what we now call Hinduism. The Manu Smriti was a religious discourse which outlined the rules and guidelines for family life. It outlines what people should do if they wish to live a life of sanctified Dharma. These rules were infused with patriarchal tones. They advocated denying women their basic independence from the belief that independent women would spread promiscuity. From this point on, women were subject to the shackles and constraints of forced patriarchy. They had to live with a man at all stages of their lives: Husband when they are married, Father when she’s unmarried, and her son when she’s old/widowed.

The concept of marriage and the role of women in it changed as a result. The old custom of asking her permission was abandoned and new rituals such as dowry, child marriages and exchange marriages were introduced. Arranged marriages were the most popular method of marriage in India, and especially among Hindus.

What’s a pre-wedding shoot or engagement shoot?

Pre wedding photography, also known as engagement shoots, are photo sessions that take place between three and six months before the wedding. Pre-wedding shoots are a necessity for many couples, but some couples are still debating whether they should. Some couples feel it is a waste of money, and not worth the effort. They might be mistaken in this case.

Engagement shoots can be a great way to help you in many ways. It helps you to build a strong relationship with your photographer, i.e. Ratan Studio Photography, the best pre wedding photographer in Lucknow, especially if we are also hired to photograph your wedding. It will make you feel more at ease with us, and allow you to get to know our shooting style. We will also enjoy this time getting to know you and your partner. We can then create the right settings for you both during your pre-wedding shoot or wedding day.

Mr. Arpit, Director at Ratan Studio Photography said that pre-wedding photos are beneficial for the couple. Pre-wedding moments can be romantic for the couple. It’s not uncommon for couples to reminisce about their first chemistry and then relive that spark during a photo shoot. It’s a wonderful way to make lasting memories.

What is a great pre-wedding photograph?

Many things can make for great engagement photos. Ratan Studio Photography, the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Lucknow, believes that the two most important factors in an engagement album are: The first is whether the photos can tell the couple’s story. The second is how the lens captures emotions. “Pictures must tell something. They have to show who they are, where they started, and where they’re going. It would be wonderful to have a beautiful mountain backdrop for a shoot if the couple are hikers. The best thing about the photos is their captured emotions.

Pre-Wedding Concepts

Numerous pre-wedding ideas have been created by creative photographers and couples. We’ll show you how to do five of the most well-known concepts.

The Traditional

The traditional concept is first. The traditional concept allows you to dig into your cultural heritage and show those elements in your photos. This design is great for traditional weddings. The advantage for Indian brides is that India’s cultural diversity makes it so beautiful in photographs.

Pre Wedding Black And White Photo

If you want to be traditional, choose a place that reflects the old-world charms of the culture you are visiting. You can wear traditional clothing but keep it simple and sweet. You can save the details for your wedding day. We will take black-and-white pictures or photos with a sepia tone. This will give the pictures a more natural feel.

The Glamorous

If you choose glamour, its time to wear fancy dresses and visit grand locations. It’s time to show as much class as you can through your photos. This type of shoot is most likely for couples who value elegance and sophistication more than anything else.

Wardrobe wise, choose stunning dresses that make a statement in your photos. You can wear them in black-and-white, or bold colors. It would be great to shoot in a beautiful location or at an iconic landmark. For the ultimate glamour, show off your beautiful location and your gown.

The Casual

Casual is the opposite of glamorous. The casual approach is more modest than the glamorous, which shows off fancy clothes and exotic locations. There are many themes that couples use for their casual photo shoots. Some reenact their first meeting while others highlight their hobbies or what they did on their first date. Casual clothing is always safe, depending on the theme. A simple dress can be worn with your man, as well as a shirt and shorts. Or any other appropriate clothing. You don’t want to look unnatural or too posey as this is a casual shoot.

The Indigenous

Indigenous is a new concept that has only recently become popular. It’s like having your candid photo taken as you go about your daily activities. This is the best option for you if you feel nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera. Let the magic happen naturally and effortlessly. You should be careful when choosing your photographer as not all photographers have the experience to take candid photos, but if you choose us, you can stay confident that we will give you the best experience of photography, as we are already well experienced in this field. 

The Thematic

A thematic pre wedding photography is one that you and your partner have selected together. You can choose to create a general atmosphere like vintage or bohemian, or you can pick a specific theme like the roaring 20s, or one based on travel. You can adjust your wardrobe and location to match the chosen theme. If you choose a western theme, you can have it at a ranch, with two people dressed in traditional folk attire. For a vintage feel, choose an antique setting. You can also dress up in traditional attire. Whatever theme you choose, we have got you covered.

Pre Wedding Photography, the do’s and don’ts

Pre wedding photography can seem so easy and straightforward, but they aren’t always that easy. Before the shoot can take place, there are some things you should be aware of. These do’s and don’ts will help you plan the perfect shoot.

Your research

The most important thing is to do your research. What should you research? Straight answer is: Everything that is related to the shoot, including location & wardrobe. The concept is the most important part. You must decide on a theme and a concept. Take a look at some pre-wedding photos and note the ones you like. Then, choose the one that you would like for your shoot. Once you have chosen a concept, just let us know, and we will handle the rest. We, Ratan Studio Photography, the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Lucknow, have ability to deliver the concept you have chosen .

Do not Choose a completely different look

Do not let your adrenaline rush cause you to make quick decisions about your appearance, such as changing your hairstyle, hair colour, or hair grooming. You want to look the best in your photos. You won’t like the results if you make extreme decisions.

Plan your concept carefully

Planning your shoot is crucial. Some couples prefer to skip the details and go with what’s trending. That’s fine. The problem is that the photos won’t reflect you as a couple and your personality. To avoid making mistakes, it is important to plan ahead for the photo shoot.

Finally? Nothing

Finally Just be ready and leave rest to us, We will do the needful to make your best Pre wedding photoshoot.er

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