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Best Product Photographer in Lucknow

Product Photography

Best Product Photographer In Lucknow

Why do you need product photography?

Think about this: How many times have your purchased something online due to the attractive product photos?

This is due to online shops that you purchased by investing in their brand and product with great photography, knowing they will have a great return on sales.

Ratan Studio Photography, the best product photographer in Lucknow can take care of your products with professional grade product photoshoot.


Potential customers can see the product photos to help them visualize what they are getting. Online shoppers cannot touch the product in person before purchasing it. 

Buyers can see features visually with high-resolution photos. You can also use action shots to show how the product is being used, or detail shots.

A person might want to look at a dress up close and also how it will look when worn.

A Best product photography delivered by Ratan Studio Photography is essential for your online shop. It can be one of your most powerful tools to sell your product and enhance your brand via your ecommerce platforms. 

We are visual creatures. Information is processed based on what we see. Research shows that people retain 80% of what is seen and 20% of the information they read.

Your product image is a key factor in selling products online. This is especially true for buyers looking at your brand. 

Buyers have told us that product photos are an essential part of a buyer’s profile. In fact, they are often what stops a buyer from clicking on a competitor’s product listing and starting a conversation.

Impress your customers

Online buyers and customers make an instant value judgement based on the appearance and aesthetics of your product, just as they do with high-street shoppers. 

It doesn’t matter if that’s an accurate assessment of the product’s quality. However, you must have high-quality photos that accurately reflect your product offering. A high percentage of product photography is needed for online retail.

That’s why we at Ratan Studio photography, The best Product photographer in Lucknow can take and deliver high quality professional looking photos of your product.

The main focus should be on your product. You shouldn’t have too many visual elements in a single photo. Only one main element, your product, should be the focus. The background can be solid, white or grey.

Please make sure to check the image guidelines for any e-commerce site you plan on using. You might have to meet certain requirements. Amazon requires a white background.

It is important to brighten the background and eliminate shadows. However, we don’t alter the photos too much. Products must look exactly the same in real life. 

According to research, 22% online product returns result from ordered items looking different in photos. The colour of your product images may not match the actual product. Professional photographers like us have the expertise, calibrated equipment and software to correct colour.

Tell your brand story

Your brand’s online presence is largely dependent on your product images. Your website, social media presence and product design all play a major role in your brand’s perception. However, product images can also influence how buyers and consumers perceive your brand.

The sales connection

Your product images will be what consumers and buyers base their initial impressions on your products. It’s easy for you to see how they are directly linked to your sales. If Consumers are not impressed with your product images then they will most likely not purchase your product. Similarly, buyers are not impressed by your product photos will not pursue your brand.

What is a good product picture?

Let’s now discuss why product images are important for your brand’s online success. These are the characteristics that make the best product images. We at Ratan Studio Photography, the best product photographer in Lucknow, have analyzed the brand’s most successful products and consulted other retailers to find out.

  • The product is displayed against a white background

  • The product is very close and occupies most of the image.

  • The image is clear and of high quality.

Remember that you should showcase your product in the same way it would be displayed in stores. If your product is sold in stores, your image should show your product in its packaging.

What should be Avoided

You don’t want any distracting features on your product images or a busy background to make it look less professional. This can make it harder to see the product. These are the characteristics that we avoid when creating product images.

  • Grainy, low-pixel photos

  • Images that are dark or shadowy

  • Photos in which the product takes up less than half of the image

  • Any words, logos or watermarks within your image

  • Images showing the product upside down or sideways

  • Images of any product other than yours (e.g. Image of a cow selling milk

  • If your product is packaged, images of the product are taken without packaging

The Bottom Line

E-commerce is incomplete without product photos. Customers cannot touch the items or try them on. Sometimes outsourcing photography pays. Professional photographers like us have invested in the software and equipment necessary to complete the job correctly.

These product photos can be produced and integrated by us. This will greatly improve customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Your product images are an essential part of selling your products online. This is especially true for e-commerce sites such as your online shop, Amazon, and eBay. You want your images to be as strong and memorable as possible in order to highlight your products and brand.

Ratan Studio Photography can help you with product images. Our fully-equipped studio offers bespoke product photography services.
We are the best Product photographer in Lucknow. We are specialized in product photography for e-commerce. From presentation to postproduction, background removal and full editing.

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