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Best Wedding Photographer In Lucknow

The nuanced art and craft of photographing one of life’s most significant days is wedding photography. We at Ratan Studio Photography, best wedding photographer in Lucknow, make lasting memories that will be treasured by families for the rest of their lives. Because it’s integral to the couple’s grander theme, wedding photography is one of the most lucrative artistic professions.

Wedding photography is a common part of commercial photography. It can include many branches of photography. This includes portrait, concept, documentary, as well as candid photography. 

Creative wedding photographers like us will not only document weddings and other related events. We are also able to borrow conventions from architecture, landscape photography, interior design, event-planning, and storytelling. 

An assignment in wedding photography can include recording records of elaborate ceremonies or bridal portraits prior to the wedding. This may also include the preparation of thank you cards and announcements. You can also hire us to capture post-wedding activities, such as the reception.

These are the top qualities that make us a great wedding photographer.

How to Deal with Pressure

A couple would like their wedding day to be captured in the best possible way so we provide our best to capture every moment with precision and professionalism .

We at Ratan Studio Photography, best photographer in Lucknow, create visually stunning images that appear larger than life. We understand our responsibility that we won’t be given a second chance if do anything wrong so we use our experience and professionalism to capture your precious and once in a lifetime occasion of Wedding. We use our skills and experience to handle situations in a high-pressure setting.

The Latest Look

We at Ratan Studio Photography keep ourselves up to date with current trends and learn about bridal hair styles, makeup and wedding gowns. Couples won’t demand the same look they saw in Modern Wedding or Bridal Guide. Bridal magazines continue to push boundaries, advertising exotic locations, extravagant gowns, and dramatic and entertaining themes, so we prepare ourselves for all your needs.

Pay attention

Our Role as a wedding photographer is very critical. We anticipate any unexpected moments or rare expressions that may arise during the ceremony. We are responsible for making sure that they are a part of the family’s history. A wedding is a joyous and emotional occasion. We can look back on many of these moments. We are trying to get better at anticipating candid outpourings of emotion from couples and their families as we gain more experience.

Perfect timing

Photographing the moment is the most important part of observation. We keep ourselves to be ready and present at the right time and place. We familiarize with the event schedule in order to prepare for it. We do our proper research to ensure that you are in the right spot at the right time.

We always try to react quickly and not overthink as we do not want to miss any perfect shot. We try to capture the peak moments of emotion or actions.

A Successful wedding requires a lot of planning and preparation. It is important to know about the style of photography you prefer. If you are unsure of the wedding photography styles that we offer, I have compiled a list of 10 basic styles to help you choose the best one.

1. Traditional Wedding Photography

This style is known for its use of posed portraits. Traditional wedding photography is the process of creating images that will go into an album. These photos usually include the newlyweds and their families as well as other guests. Photographers are primarily responsible for capturing important moments at the wedding such as the Jaimal.

This style of work requires a lot time. Most of the time is spent on posing. The newlyweds have the opportunity to express their opinions and desires regarding the contents of the photos and the design of their future photo albums.

2. Artistic Wedding Photography

Artistic wedding photography emphasizes creativity. Its primary purpose is to capture important events. Professional photographers like us, working in this field strive to create images that are similar to works of art. This effect requires special attention to composition and lighting. These photos also require careful preparation and editing. These creative photos will never go out-of-fashion, so it’s worth a choice.

3. Natural Wedding Photography

A lot of wedding photography is done using natural light, rather than flash. This is a great technique for outdoor weddings. These modern wedding photos are most often taken in the Golden Hour. This is when the lighting conditions are optimal for creating high quality images using a majority of warm and soft colors.

4. Portrait Wedding Photography

This style of wedding photography is primarily used to capture portraits of couples on their wedding day. This direction of photography is known for its beautiful images, which show sincere emotions and evoke a sense of joy and excitement. They can be either staged or spontaneous. The most loved wedding portraits are often those of high quality.

5. Drone Photography

Drone Photography refers to the use of a remote-operated, elevated vehicle called “Drones” for taking photos and recording. Drone photography is used to capture the aerial perspectives and elevate perspective of a couple or event. 

You can use it to find new ways to take wedding photos and even understand your crazy ideas for the session. A growing number of couples are opting for drone wedding photography services, and will pay more for it. Drone wedding photography can capture every angle and side of your wedding function.

In these modern days there are lot more type of wedding photography which you can discuss with us any time.

We are capable of taking quality photos and videos that can be preserved for many years. We always employ quality technologies and digital cameras that have the ability to deliver high-quality photos. Although friends and relatives can use their cameras to capture the events of this day, they may not produce quality photos. This is why we are important for professional and best wedding photography in Lucknow.

We are specialized in photographing weddings and we know the places and events where photographing is necessary. We also organize people in the best way possible during the wedding for a perfect photo sessions.


There are some common wedding rituals performed at both the groom and bride’s side. Let’s know them one by one and understand their importance and exuberance among families and the importance of capturing these important occasions.


Vidai is a moment of great emotion for the bride and her families. This signifies the end of the wedding ceremony. To show her gratitude, the bride gives five handfuls of rice grains to her family. Rice is not always returned to the family in all parts of India.

Father and brothers drive the vehicle the bride is sitting in to the new house. This gesture of love to the bride symbolizes a helping gesture. There are many different post-wedding functions that have the same names in different parts of the country.

These are emotional moments which should be captured so that whenever you feel like you can relive these moments. Ratan Studio Photography, the best Post wedding photographer in lucknow, will cover these auspicious with precise timing and creativity.


In Lucknow and neighboring cities , the dwar rokai is a common ceremony. After vidai, the bride visits the groom’s house. The sisters stop a newlywed couple from entering the house. They confront him about his desire to get gifts in return for allowing him to enter with his wife. Everyone enjoys the moment, even though there is some light-hearted disagreement. These are the moments which should be covered with precision and perfect timing, we at Ratan Studio Photography understands the importance of such ritual and hence we cover it and capture it professionally. 


The Griha Pravesh ceremony is held after the Dwara Rokai. The bride is permitted to enter the house with full respect and joy. Also, there is a small Aarti. The bride pushes the kalash/jar of rice with her right foot and enters the home. This is the moment that she acknowledges that her family has allowed her to enter and also accepts her as a member of their family. These are the moments which is really very important and emotional of a newly wed bride, as she leaves her home for ever to enter a new home, new life to make a new family, we love capturing such moments of life.


A great and entertaining post-wedding activity is “Fishing for the ring”, or “Find the ring”. Hindus love to follow their wedding rituals. The bride and groom perform this fun-filled ritual. This ritual involves the concealment of a ring in a bowl or thaal filled with milk, water and Kangnas. The bride and groom will then be presented with other objects.

The sister-in-law of the bride places the thaal and asks the couple to locate the ring from the top. The bride and groom should both put one hand in the bowl or thaal to search for the rings.

It is the best series and the winner is the one who finds the ring the most times. Sometimes, the audience will also start cheering for whomever they choose.


The Mooh Dikhayi ceremony, which is the most important post-wedding event, is crucial. The bride’s relatives can see her and give gifts such as silver or gold ornaments. As a token of affection and welcome, the mother of the groom often presents gifts or gold to her daughter.


The official introduction of the bride is made to the groom’s family at the reception function. The groom’s family throws a feast that is open to the entire family of the bride, as well as other important people from the neighborhood and community. Music and dance are now a regular part of the reception ceremony.


After the wedding chaos is over, the pag phera occurs. The brothers take the bride to her maternal home, where she stays for a few days. The groom then visits the bride at her maternal home and takes her back to his house.

As shagun, the groom presents gifts to the couple. This is the end of three days-long auspicious ceremonies, and the beginning for the married couple.

These the moments you can relive whenever you want with our professional post wedding photography, and cinematic films.

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